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Hopefully we can answer some of the questions for you in this section, if not please let us know because if enough people ask us we will answer it on this page also.

What is the new rule regarding tree removal and pruning ?

Do we need power from a clients home to use in the tree lopping process?

No, we don't need power to cut down trees or grub out stumps as all our equipment runs on petrol. The mulcher also runs on fuel.

Can you spread fresh (green) mulch on your garden? (Based on tree lopping mulch with leaf and wood chips).

In my experience I have found that you can on well establish trees and shrubs as long as they are still able to get water. Sometimes if you use fresh mulch in the drier periods any moisture that the plants would normally recieve may just sit in the mulch and evaporate before getting into the soil. Using fresh mulch is a great way to kill weeds if it is put on reasonably thick between 15 and 20 cm is a good thickness. The mulch produces a lot of heat as it breaks down thus killing grass and weeds however I would not reccomend putting it too close to smaller plants at that thickness as they will probably die.

How long can fresh mulch stay on the lawn before it kills it?

That depends on the size of the pile and the heat generated by it also, however I have left green mulch in piles of 2 and 4 metres and moved it 5 days later to find the grass was still alive. If it is left there for a month there will be no grass at all and the mulch will have browned off.

How long do I wait for the mulch to break down so it doesn't harm my plants?

Probably the best way to tell is when the material has browned off and or has stopped steaming, generally a month or two.

Do I need a permit to cut a tree down?

You need a permit on Phillip Island to lop or remove vegetation. Exceptions are made if the tree is an obvious danger to people or property, for example is split, moving in the ground, has been deemed a hazard by a recognised professional in the tree industry or by a counsil official, or is within a certain range of a dwelling.

What is lopping?

Lopping is a term used for removing branches, to lop off a branch.

What is topping?

Topping is the illegal removal of the majority of a trees canopy.


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