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Firewood and Mulch Supplies


Date updated on 4TH MAY 2019

Pile A We have hard and soft wood at $80 which consists of below red gum quality timber and will contain some pine, cypress along with gum and wattle species.


Pile B Consists of some red gum and other species rated higher than red gum. $160 per cubic mt


Pick up your own We are located at 273 Church St Cowes opposite Anchor Belle Holiday Park


We also have 20kg bags of wood at $15 per bag

Please Call Adam Bailey 0427 052 173


For information on wood burning rates click



The new Loader attachment so we can filter out any mud or dirt that may be in amongst the firewood 




We also supply and deliver mulch. It is a good idea to mulch the garden as it reduces the need for watering, adds nutrients to the soil and enhances soil quality. We sell already broken down mulch which can be put on your garden right away. Also mulch fresh from the jobs and delivered free to your property. If we are cutting your trees you keep that mulch for free.


Our fresh mulch straight from the job is $25 per metre, free delivery.

The heat generated from a pile of mulch can reach temperatures of up to 75 degrees celcius thus killing off weed seeds. The longer they remain at this temperature the more likely they will be destroyed by the heat.

Mulch and Firewood


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