Family History

The Baileys had been logging for two generations since the early 1920’s, then moving into the high demand of amenity tree removal in the suburbs in the late 1950’s.

In the early 1920’s Charlie Bailey and son Tom Bailey worked together in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Charlie owned and operated the local saw mill, they would stay out bush for around six days until they had achieved the quota for the week. Then they would take the load back to the saw mill to be sawn up for flooring and building material.

Tom moved his family to south east Melbourne in the early 1940’s and took his skill with him, removing pine trees for strawberry punnit boxes also to make way for residential and commercial land development. To remove a tree stump and all, they would dig a trench around the root ball and chop the roots with an axe. Then they would transport the log for milling and winch the stump or root ball out to a farm to be burned or to the tip. With their skills and machinery they also under-took demolition work.

As the population grew the demand for skilled people to remove large trees close to buildings was in high demand. So Tom, with the help of his sons Darrell and Greg moved into this field of amenity tree removal. Tom and Darrell made a set of spurs so they could basically walk straight up the trees. They also made a belt made from thick leather and rope. This was used to throw around the trunk or the limb of which they were climbing. This way they could safely stand up in the tree, being held by the belt and spurs. It also allowed them to set up ropes and use the chainsaw with both hands. The idea came from S.E.C. linesman workers at the time so they could work on power lines.

However the two boys along with all of their mates were really into motor bikes and this proved more favourable for Greg who went over to England to become a very well known 250cc and 350cc rider. Darrell on the other hand decided to stay in Australia after meeting his future wife and came to become one of Victoria’s best climbers after contracting his skills to other companies, learning a lot on the way.

Darrell moved his young family to Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges where he and his crew of five, working sometimes seven days a week, took on some pretty big Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash) the tallest flowering plants in the world. The family made a few moves travelling and all of Darrell and Gwynneth’s children finished school at year 12. While completing years 11 and 12 Adam Bailey worked part time and at the completion of school went to work full time for his father in the family business. A few years later Adam’s brother Andrew also joined the crew whilst completing year 11 and 12 and decided after two years of full time tree lopping that he would do a diploma in outdoor recreation. Teaching school children how safely do rock climbing, gear selection camp set up and bush first aid.

After ten years of on the job training, learning winching and rigging techniques, pruning, felling and climbing, transplanting grafting, every aspect of tree work, Adam now runs his own business on Phillip Island. Mainly through word of mouth has become a very reliable and professional service to Phillip Island. Diversifying to meet the needs of the Island.

Darrell is still working from Bayswater and travels all around Melbourne, mainly on recommendations from word of mouth. Some clients remember using Tom Bailey many years ago.
For tree and stump removals in metro melbourne area Call Bailey Tree Removals on 9720 7518 or Darrell’s mobile number is 0428 326 434