Fire Fuel Reduction Clearing

Mojo Contracting realizes the importance of wanting privacy and seclusion using trees and shrubs to block out your neighbours. During the summer months if you need a service to give you advice, removal of grass, creeper, trees and shrubs to reduce the possible fire fuel at your property, please contact us to arrange a free quote.

Depending on where you live, how much property you have and the density of the surrounds may have an effect on how a fire may impact your property. Temperatures, humidity, and wind strength, direction and the unpredictability of the weather in general can be major contributors to fueling a fire.

Having said that there are many different types and ways fires behave and therefore the result of damage caused by them, can be managed or used to our advantage. However in the extreme they can be absolutely devastating as seen in 1939 Black Friday where almost 2 million hectares where burnt, 71 people lost their lives. ( Department of sustainability and environment). Then Ash Wednesday in 1983 which claimed 47 Victorians and 28 South Australians (wikipedia) and burned 486 030 hectares (Department of sustainability and environment) both these fires came after many years of drought and were both fuelled by severe winds of around 100kmh plus. Of course more recently the Black Saturday fires of which has been among the worst disasters in Australia’s history, and my heart goes out to all those affected.

This is why I want to provide this service as I feel many people don’t realize how quickly this can all happen I had been living in the Dandenong Ranges when the Ash Wednesday fires occurred, also in 1997 people I knew lost there homes and it was scary. After it was safe to go back up the mountain I noticed that many of the properties that were well maintained and shrubery clear of the house had actually survived.

However in extreme circumstances when the conditions are at the absolute worst not much can survive as seen in the Black Saturday fires, and it didn’t matter how neat your property was, or how organised you were. But it has been years since the state government and the DSE have changed the local laws regarding vegetation removal. Making it easier for residents to minimise the damage done by fire. What residents do or don’t do, with their property can greatly effect not only themselves but also your neighbouring properties. If you are unsure talk to your neighbours, Call your local CFA they may give you some tips.