Tree Felling and Removal

Do you have a tree that is unsafe, causing damage or just in the wrong place. We also tidy up properties in preparation for summer to reduce potential fire hazards around your home. If your tree needs pruning back from your house or service and telephone line. You may be building a house or putting up a new fence. It may be a weed what ever the reason contact us at Mojo Contracting to arrange for a free quote. Adam Bailey is a Qualified Certificate 4 Arborist and can assist you in your enquiries.

With over 20 years of experience and four generations of past down knowledge and technique in the tree removal business we can help you. We are fully insured and specialise in awkward access and confined space trees over gardens or houses and pride ourselves on minimal impact to your plants and assets. Leaving your property clean and or tidier than when we arrived. Council permits are needed for certain tree removal, we can assist you in the permit process and can reccommend the cheapest and easiest option for you. Mojo Contracting Constantly Services, Silverleaves, Cowes, Ventnor, Surf Beach, Sunset Strip, Sunderland Bay, Newhaven, San Remo and many other areas. We give you quality professional tree care now and into the future.

Boxthorn and other pest Species Yes we can Remove these, and we guarantee after poisoning of all Species if they grow back after 12 months we will return and re-poison. Mojo contracting also removes ivy, Aggapanthus, blackberry and box thorn all at a cheaper cost than our competitors

The pictures below are showing the dismantling of a Eucalypt which was 1.5 meters from an in-ground pool built next to a 2 storey house in Rhyll. The job was acheived with 1 climber and 1 grounds person, all the branches were lowered by rope and mulched, the trunk was cut into firewood lengths and left on site. The height of the tree was approx 80ft.This took 4 hours to complete.


Removing a Dead epicormic exhibiting large bracket fungi and cracks at the base.

Using the flying fox to suspend the climber (Adam Bailey) thus minimising the load and movement on the branch.